”Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means ”unification”. Yoga offers a perfect union of body and soul through a system of positions, breathing exercises, audio, meditation and other means.

Yoga classes are often longer than typical gym classes and last between one to three hours. During training the teacher will show you various movements and positions. Many of the positions have simple names, like for example The Cat, The Warrior or The Dog. In comparison with other forms of exercise, yoga is based on precision and a lot of time can be spent refining the positions.

Some yoga teachers will use technical terminology during classes and the first couple of sessions can be jam-packed of foreign names, but don’t let that discourage you. The terminology isn’t essential for good practice of yoga.

One of the good aspects of Yoga is that it’s suitable for almost everyone. People of all age groups practices yoga, with there also being classes for pregnant women and their babies. Yoga is practiced without competition and is not a contest. The only person you’re competing with is yourself.